Welcome to our new and improved web page!

But it’s not just the webpage! We’re delighted to introduce you to our new and redecorated interior so you can see it in the photos below. As you can already guess – WE ARE OPEN!

The interior and the complete look might be a bit different, but our kind staff and impeccable service have stayed the same. Our new and improved restaurant is again waiting for your reservations and visits.

What’s new?

Apart from our standard restaurant area, our new interior is now equipped with two private dining rooms. One of them is perfect for a private dinner for up to 20 people. The other one is a grand event hall. It’s perfect for organizing bigger events from 60 to 120 people. If you are organizing an anniversary, a wedding or something similar, we think our big hall is the perfect choice. It’s warm and cozy, but at the same time very glamorous an luxurious. If you choose our restaurant to be the host of your party, you will get your waiters and complete service in the price.

If that’s what our guest wish, we can equip our waiters with electric skateboards to make the service oddly fascinating. It’s the new thing we included in our offer, and some of the guests who had the opportunity to try it out are just fascinated. Apart from that, our decorators will work their best to arrange everything specially for you, according  to your wishes and request. You will get to pick the flowers and complete look of the hall and the tables. You can choose from different kinds and colors of the lighting. Everything to make you happy on your special day!

Filming your big day!

We also have a special team in charge of filming the whole event. We’re very tech-savvy so we use some of the best equipment you can find out there. Our directors and cameramen are extremely skilled and meticulous in what they do, we assure you. Apart from the high quality cameras, we also use drone cameras. That way we get the best shots from air of the entire hall and your lovely guests. There are even some new type of drones called selfie drone, which we use too. They are little tricky but with a good FAA certified pilots, it always goes smooth. If you’d like to become a FAA certified drone pilot, take a look at FAA Part 107 Prep Course.

As you can see in the photo, it’s pretty spacious and glamorous. At he end of thee hall there’s a dance podium with enough place for a band and all of your invitees. We assure you you will have the best time of your life if you choose our restaurant! There’s event a perfect spot for your wedding photos in the main hallway with numerous different backgrounds on the walls. Our back yard, right nest to our lovely terrace is also a perfect photo spot since it’s full of plants and is very carefully decorated.

As you can see in the photo above, the landscape is quite stunning because our team of gardeners and decorators are taking extremely good care of it. If you decide you want to have a photo shooting in this particular garden, as well as the restaurant itself, you will pay us a pre -visit in order to talk about your wishes and preferences. If you are hosting a smaller party of not more that 80 guest, we might be able to organize it outside, if the weather conditions let you.

In case you are not sure and can’t make a decision only by looking at the photos, use our contact form to get in touch with us and get an appointment. Our lovely staff and event planners will be glad to show you around. You can also see photos and tapes from previous events. We will give you plenty of time to think before you decide.


For all of you who wish nothing but a fantastic night out with marvelous food, that’s where we started from! We will be delighted to have you over for dinner, or just a casual glass of wine. Apart from our delicious and carefully made food, we have a great choice of different events throughout the week. It’s mostly during weekend where you can enjoy concerts, jazz nights or even stand up comedy. You can always check what are we up to in our Events tab, or by simply contacting us via Contact form or directly by phone.

Since we’re usually fully booked during weekend, we recommend you calling and making reservation for your table, so the evening can go as planned. But, you can always stop by during our breakfast hours, since it’s a new service we offer. We would love to host you first thing in the morning. You know how they say breakfast is the most important meal in your day. Why not make it the most fantastic one, also?