First Wine Tasting Event in Refectory!

Wine tasting
Our first event like this went just perfect!


It was a pleasure to be the host of the first public wine tasting party in the city! At least it was the first we know about.

We must all agree wine is something special. So is the moment we take from each day to enjoy our glass. It’s sure that all of us have a special sort of wine we like so we rarely try out new ones. Even if we do, we do it one at a time.

The thing with wine tasting is that you won’t usually open up a dozen of bottles of wine for yourself at home in order to compare them with one another. That’s completely fine since we will do that for you! To be correct, we did that for you and it was awesome!

More than 150 people visited our restaurant during the event and had a chance to enjoy more that 35 different wines from all over the world. But, that wasn’t it. The evening was enriched by our lovely music band who took care of the atmosphere, and we had catering to make sure you don’t drink on an empty stomach!

For the ones who were feeling extremely playful, we had a blind tasting section. There you could do everything like everybody else, just with your eyes covered. No matter what kind of wine tasting you choose for yourself – we assure you it’s not the last party like this we’re hosting. We’re preparing the next one very soon, so we’d like to see you here. Don’t forget to spread the word. Make sure all the ones interested in this kind of event hear about it. Bring your friends, colleagues, family members and be sure they’ll have the best time!

To know he time of the next wine tasting event, please stay tuned and check our web page regularly. There’s more to come!