We offer 5 diferent menus:

Breakfast menu –  from 7:00 – 10:30

Lunch Menu –  from 12:00 – 15:00

Dinner Menu –  from 18:00 – 22:00

Dessert Menu – available all day

Lounge Menu –  available all day

From which you can choose what you like the best.In between the meals menus, you can choose something from our lounge menu or one of our well know desserts. Our Lounge menu offers a meal combo starting from 10$ per person. It consists of a soup, a main dish (meat, fish or veggies, according to the daily menu) with a dessert and a drink of your choice. In the Lounge menu you can also find a great variety of snacks like hamburgers with french fries which are cheap, but always a tasty option! We also have the kids menus available, starting at 6$ per child. If you are a family who is coming for a dinner, let us know in advance because we have some special prices for family gatherings of 4 or more members.

Our Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner menu are a subject to change, so you will need to check at the restaurant about the things we offer each day. But, everyday we have one special meal suitable for vegetarians, vegans and those who are gluten intolerant. You’re satisfaction really means the world to us, so while making a reservation, please let us know about your preferences or possible allergies. We want to give you the best food experience, but sometimes we just need a little guideline!

In our Dessert menu you will find some of our well known cakes and cookies. You can treat yourself with our fresh smoothies, fruit juices or home made ice cream. A part of the menu is, again, a subject of change and depends on the season. We believe in fresh and organic ingredients and want only the best to come on your plate.

Tried out some of our dishes and you want to improve it a little bit? Or want to take something out? Our kind staff will be glad to hear what you want. And our professional kitchen will make that for you, if possible.

If you haven’t payed us a visit yet, take a look at some of our specialties in the gallery below. It’s only a small part of the food we prepare for you everyday. We’re always trying to be different in what we prepare, but the same old in how we prepare it: fresh and super tasty!