Refectory to be the host of the next Tech Conference in the city!

We’re proud to say Refectory will be the next host of one of the most popular Tech conferences in the area. Yes, you’ve read that one good! You could have already concluded how versatile we try to be. Especially when it comes to organizing events!

This year’s annual theme: drones, their development and their use in everyday life. But, that’s not it, you will hear about a lot more than that if you visit our lovely restaurant at that time. It will turn into a real technological heaven! We are very impatient and can’t wait to see how it goes for the first time. The tech geniuses from all over the world will gather all in one place. And that place is – Refectory!

We are still getting the paperwork done, so don’t have the exact date yet. We’ll let you know as soon as we do so keep checking. The tickets will be sold in the Restaurant (right next to the Terrace entrance), and possibly on few other locations in the city. The number is limited so make sure you buy your ticket on time not to miss this spectacular event!

the event is already very well covered with sponsors, so if you visit, we’re sure you won’t left empty – handed. A lot of gadgets ans promo material is waiting for you at the conference. You might even win some free meals in our restaurant! Don’t miss out on that.

There’s a lot of people helping with the organization – the local high school and University are the leading ones in that. We will make sure all of you who come and visit the event leave with their stomachs full.

Also note that at the moment of buying the tickets, you will be able to choose the menu for the night. So, if you have any preferences or particularities about food, let us know on time so we can help you enjoy the show!